Exercícios para Praticar a Fala em Inglês – Treinar Speaking

Week 1 - Daily routines - praticar inglês
5 em 1 inglês


atividades falar e treinar inglês

1) Abaixo, coloque em ordem e pratique as falas do primeiro personagem (Peter) do diálogo do vídeo.


a) Hey, / How / today? / Lilly. / are  / you

Hey, Lilly. How are you today?


b) Why? / Really?


c) bet it / is. Tell / I / me how / typical day / is. / your


d) working? What / am / Wow! I / tired already. / you start / do you do? / And then


e) week writing. / That’s / you spend / interesting. So / all your


f) get from / school? / the kids / And when


g) must / Wow! You / really tired. / go to bed


2) Coloque em ordem e pratique a fala do segundo personagem (Lilly).


a) but a / Fine, thank / little tired. / you Peter,

Fine, thank you Peter, but a little tired.


b) exhausting. / mother of / Well, being / a working / triplets is


c) When they leave, I have breakfast and get ready to work. / I wake them up, and help them get ready for school. / I wake up around 6:30 and I take a quick shower. / make sure that they don’t forget anything they need in their backpacks. / I prepare lunch boxes for kids to take to school and also / Well, it starts very early. / While they have breakfast, / I prepare breakfast for the kids and my husband and then,


d) write for some / I work / web pages. / magazines and / from home. I


e) do research on Tuesdays and / write from Wednesday to Friday. / I always deliver my work Friday nights or / No, I usually have meetings / Saturdays in the morning. / by phone or on the Internet on Mondays,


f) and go to bed about 8:00 or 8:30. / When we finish, we have supper, / They get back about 3:30 every day. / They always have a snack and rest a little. / and then they play or watch a little TV, / so I help them sometimes, because they are very independent. / After that we see if they have homework or something to study,


g) exhausting. / life is / Yes. My




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  1. Encontrei vocês por acaso nessa manhã e estou gostando muito !
    Gostei da abordagem , do metodo ,então creio que me tornarei um frequentado assíduo da página.

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