Describing Homes and Houses ‣ Treinar Fala + Audição em Inglês

Week 1 - Describing homes and houses - praticar inglês


atividades falar e treinar inglês


1) Falas do personagem Jill

Pratique as falas e entre na conversa na parte 2 do vídeo


a) Hello, txxx is Jill. I am calxxxx about the apartxxxx you axx renting.

Hello, this is Jill. I am calling about the apartment you are renting.


b) I sxx it advertised in the nxxxxaper. I’d like to know if it’s sxxx available.


c) Great! I would lxxx to go xxx it. But first, can you txxx me a litxxx bit about it?


d) Sounds nxxx. I have a xxx questions. What is a half bathroom?


e) Ok. And what axxxx the floors?


f) And does it xxxx a laundry?


g) And how xxx is it from dxxxtown?


h) Terrific. And how much xxx you asking xxx it?


i) One xxxxsand and two hunxxxx a month plus utilixxxx?


j) Excellent. I am vxxx much interested in haxxxx a look xx it. When will it xx convexxxxx for you?


l) Soxxxx great. See you xxxxrrow.


2) Falas do personagem Steven

Pratique as falas e entre na conversa na parte 3 do vídeo


a) Good xxxning Jill. My nxxx is Steven, and I am the xxxer. How do you know abxxx the apxxxxent?

Good morning Jill. My name is Steven, and I am the owner. How do you know about the apartment?


b) Yes, xx is still avxxxxble.


c) Sure. It is a cozy apxxxxent with one bexxxxm and one and a half bathxxxx. It has a fully-equipped kixxxen and a living-room area.


d) It is a xxest bathroom; it has a toixxx and a sink but no sxxxer.


e) Well, the livxxx arxx, the bathrooms, and the kitxxxx, are tiled, and the bexxxom is carpeted.


f) The builxxxx has a community laundry roxx.


g) Not xxr. About 15 minutes walxxxx.


h) It’s txxxve hundred a xxxth, not including utilities.


i) xxs.


j) Tomorrow wxxx be great. Nine o’clock is good for you?


l) Ok, sxx you tomoxxxx.




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