Choosing a Class ‣ Treinar Fala + Audição em Inglês

Week 1 Choosing a class praticar inglês


atividades falar e treinar inglês


1) Falas do personagem Billy

Pratique as falas e entre na conversa na parte 2 do vídeo


a) Hxx, what’s xx?

Hey, what’s up?


b) Have you exxx taken a clxxx from Dr. Goldman?


c) I am thinking axxxx taking his class nxxx semester, but I don’t xxxw, some of my cxxxxmates say it’s hxxx.


d) Demanding, hxx?


e) Wexx, yeah. I mexx, I like getting gxxx marks, but I have oxxxx subjects too.


f) Yeah, I stxxx don’t know, it makes xx nervous to think txxx it will txxx too much of my txxx.


g) Don’t xxx me wrong, I don’t wxxx a bunch of easy xxxses. Maybe I xx a little xxxred because some sxx that he is hxxx, but others say that he xx great.


h) I thxxxI am going to gxxx it a chance.


2) Falas do personagem Andy

Pratique as falas e entre na conversa na parte 3 do vídeo


a) What’s xx xan?

What’s up man?


b) Yes, I haxx. Why? Are xxx thinking of taxxxx his claxx?


c) He is a gxxx teacher, a little demaxxxxx though.


d) Well, you hxxx to be willing to stxxx hard if you waxx a goxx grade. Axx you willing to xx that?


e) I undersxxxx. All you hxxx to xx is organize yxxx time and do your reaxxxx before class.


f) That can always hapxxx. Look, if you dxxxx want to study xxx much, you should xxxose another xxxss.


g) He cxx be a litxxx demanding, xxt he is a good texxxxx, and his claxxxx are interesting and fuxxx.


h) Great! You xxx going to lexxx a lot.




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