Ordem dos Adjetivos – Exercícios

ingles ordem dos adjetivos exercícios

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✍ Exercícios


1) Choose the correct adjective order:


She was wearing a CLIQUE RESPOSTA blouse which she got from her grandparents for her birthday.

A) Small, old, cotton

B) Cotton, small, old

C) Small, cotton, old


Give me the ?????? plates so we don’t need to do the dishes today.

A) Big, round, plastic

B) Round, big, plastic

C) Big, plastic, round


I am talking about the ?????? girl that is coming to live close to our house next week.

A) Rich, beautiful, young

B) Beautiful, rich, young

C) Beautiful, young, rich


I have got a ?????? neighbor that has moved to my neighborhood last weekend.

A) Pretty, young, Chinese

B) Young, pretty, Chinese

C) Pretty, Chinese, young


I have a ?????? friend and we get on well.

A) Old, Brazilian, nice

B) Nice, old, Brazilian

C) Old, nice, Brazilian


I bought a ?????? blouse to go to the party tomorrow night.

A) Pretty, pink and yellow, checked

B) Pink and yellow, pretty, checked

C) Checked, pink and yellow, pretty


2) Write the sentence in the right order:


A) Black / Long / Straight / Hair


B) Big / Red / Old / Car


C) Tall / Japonese / Young / Boy


D) Fat / Funny / Ugly / Clown


E) Beautiful / Intelligent / Happy / Girl



3) Choose the correct option:


A) Erika é uma garota rica e inteligente.


B) A árvore é alta, velha e bonita.


C) O café está fraco, espesso e amargo.


D) Edson é arrogante, feio e baixo.


E) A escola é enorme, limpa e organizada.



4) Put the following adjectives in order:

new, yellow, pretty, flowered  ?  ??????

round, ugly, old, Japanese  ?  ??????

pretty, young, Chinese, round  ?  ??????

young, round, beautiful, striped  ?  ??????




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