Simple Tenses – Atividades

inglês tempos simples exercícios

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1- Complete as sentenças conjugando os verbos corretamente no presente simples.

A) She __________ (see) it as a mistake.

She sees it as a mistake.


B) I (enjoy) playing collective games.


C) They (seem) to be brother and sister.


D) He (seem) to be someone I know.


E) It (have) some broken pieces.


F) We usually (have lunch) together.


G) It (to be) so typical of him.


H) We (to be) long-term friends.



2- Complete as sentenças usando o DO/DOES ou o VERB TO BE (IS/ARE) no presente simples.

A) _______ he like eating pizza?

Does he like eating pizza?


B) you play role-play-games?


C) Yes, I think it is a good idea.


D) they know each other?


E) We know each other!


F) she your friend?


G) You just like a girl I know.


H) they long-term friends?



3- Simple past – Agora complete as sentenças usando o DID ou o VERBO conjugado no passado simples.

Lembre-se que os verbos no passado podem ser regulares (ED) ou irregulares.
Lembre-se também que frases com DID tem o verbo principal conjugado no presente. Exemplo: did you go?

A) They _______ (to read) this book last year.

They read this book last year.


B) (do) you meet her?


C) Did you (to talk) to him?


D) We (to be) neighbors when I was a child.


E) Yes, she (use to) go to the library on Fridays.


F) Yes, he (to play) with us!


G) I (to be) a really quiet kid.


H) My mom (to buy) me this jacket when I was 16.



4- Complete as sentenças usando o WILL ou o GOING TO.

A) I decided yesterday, I ________ to the party tonight!

I decided yesterday, I am going to the party tonight!


B) We talk soon.


C) One day they realize they were wrong.


D) I have already bought the tickets, so next week I New York.


E) It be done until next week.


F) She won’t be there because she visit her mom this vacation.


G) Tomorrow I send you an email with more instructions.


H) When I get old, I have a farm.




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