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Atividades sobre o simple past


Olá, como vai? Este post contêm somente questões com respostas, então aproveite para treinar seu conhecimento sobre a matéria. Se preferir estudar sobre o assunto antes, clique no link abaixo para abrir um artigo com explicações sobre was, were e did. Vamos aos exercícios sobre simple past.


✍ Exercícios


1) Complete the sentences below using WAS or WERE


a) Shirley CLIQUE RESPOSTA waiting for you at the mall.

b) Helena and George ????? friends in 2008. They don’t talk anymore nowadays.

c) I ????? sad because he didn’t come to the party.

d) My children ????? at the garden this morning.

e) ????? you at Patricia’s party yesterday?

f) I ????? hungry! I couldn’t even think clearly!

g) It ????? a lovely, sunny day.


2) Change the sentences from affirmative to negative and interrogative:


  • She was rich.
    She was not rich / Was she rich?


A) You were at school yesterday.


B) Tom and Maria were cooking dinner when she arrived.


C) He was at the park with jane.


D) She did her homework.


E) They did the dishes.


F) She cooked dinner.


3) Pass the sentences to English.


  • Meus amigos estavam errados.
    My friends were wrong.


A) Você escutou o que ele falou?


B) Ontem eu não estava bem.


C) O que aconteceu noite passada?


D) Onde você morou quando era criança?


E) Se eu estava aqui e você estava lá, quem fez isso?


4) Put the sentence in the right order.


  • mather/ did/ call/ your/ ?
    Did your mather call?


A) you / yesterday / were / where / ?


B) not / I / the / in / was / market.


C) many / you / visit / Canada / times / did / how / ?


D) boys / doing / the / were / what / ?


E) I / was / here / what / doing / ?


5) Put the sentences in the past.


  1. I am happy. Clique e veja o exemplo
  2. Is she strange? ??????
  3. They are not students. ??????
  4. Are you sad? ??????
  5. Maria and john are good friends. ??????
  6. Tim is a polite guy. ??????



6) Complete the story:


  1. My name is Tom, last week I ????? at the park with my friend Dana, we ????? on the slide when another boy came and started talking to us. It ????? a very good day because now we have a new friend. We ????? some good things together at that day.



7) Complete the sentences below using the best option for each situation:


a. They ????? really great students! They always got good grades 

► were           ► weren’t


b. I ????? lost at all! I knew this city very well. 

► was              ► wasn’t


c. Frank and Christine ????? a nice couple. Everybody in that neighborhood loved them! 

► were           ► weren’t


d. She ????? at school in the mornig but now she is here at home. 

► was             ► weren’t


e. Jess and Blake ????? late for school. They arrived on time. 

► were           ► weren’t


f. I ????? sad at that time. I ????? just thinking about life. 

► wasn’t / was         ► was / wasn’t



8) Complete the questions with DID, WAS or WERE:


  1. ????? you send the letter to Joe?
  2. ????? you at the party last Saturday?
  3. ????? she a close friend?
  4. When ????? your daughter start to sing?
  5. ????? Kimberly and Janet working together?
  6. ????? you study for the test today?
  7. ????? your dog eat all its food?
  8. Where ????? you buy this jeans?
  9. ????? Gabriele and Mark do all their homework?
  10. ????? Gabriele and Mark studying yesterday?
  11. ????? Sylvia smiling at you? I saw it!
  12. ????? we buy the tickets for the show? I don’t remember!
  13. Where ????? you last Sunday night?
  14. ????? “FRIENDS” a good TV Show in your opinion?
  15. In your opinion, ????? Eriksen a good teacher?
  16. This car is beautiful! How much ????? it cost?
  17. Where ????? your kids?
  18. ????? Brenda your girlfriend?



Estude e tenha contato constante com o idioma, que você vai adquirir sua tão desejada fluência. Temos muitos outros materiais aqui no blog, além destes exercícios com was were e did, e você está convidado a navegar mais por aqui.




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