Exercícios Present Perfect x Simple Past

exercícios de inglês present perfect x simple past

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Present perfect e Simple past

Truques para o uso do Present Perfect


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1) Complete as sentenças usando o present perfect (have/has + verbo no participle) ou o simple past (ed ou verbo irregular):


A) I ___________ (to be) in the US once in my life.

I have been in the US once in my life.


B) He (see) the professor yesterday.


C) When I was a child, I (play) a lot in the streets with other kids.


D) I don’t know when, but we ___________ (already talk) to each other.


E) Because we __________ (don’t sleep well), yesterday ________ (to be) a tough day.


F) She _________ (just pay) the bills.


G) We _________ (not meet) yet.


H) They ___________ (have lunch) together last week.


2) Complete as sentenças usando:




A) We have been to US.


B) Has she visited your country?


C) They haven’t finished painting the house .


D) It has been said.


E) He has sent me a message.


F) Nobody has tried to do it before.


G) This is the first time we have seen each other.


H) Has he called ?


3) Formule perguntas usando o present perfect ou o simple past com as informações obtidas nas respostas. Lembre-se que ao formular perguntas você precisa inverter o lugar dos verbos.


A) Yes, we have seen it.

Have you seen it?


B) No, she hasn’t been there.


C) Yes, they were friends of my sister.


D) Yes, he was a student at that time.


E) No, he has gone to Italy, not to France.


F) No, she was not in a good mood.


G) No, we haven’t met yet.


H) Yes, it has been done.


4) Traduza as seguintes sentenças para o inglês, observando se é o caso de usar o present perfect ou o simple past:


A) Eu já terminei de ler o livro.


B) Nós jantamos juntos semana passada.


C) Em 2010 eu morava em outra cidade.


D) Eu me mudei recentemente.


E) Eles ainda não terminaram aquela discussão.


F) Hoje eu recebi uma ligação dela.


G) Ela saiu de casa e comprou um sorvete.


H) Isso nunca aconteceu antes.


5) Coloque os verbos na forma correta. Present perfect ou simple past


1) She ?????? two hours ago.  (finished her homework / has finished her homework)

2) He ?????? soccer yesterday. (played/ has played)

3) Maria and John ?????? now they can play outside. ( have cooked lunch / cooked)

4) We ?????? our bags, now we can travel. (packed / have packed)

5) They ?????? for the final exam, so they will pass. (have studied / studied)

6) Tom and Mary have a house in London and now they ?????? a new one in New York. (have bought / bought)

7) Many year ago my parents ?????? a new car. (bought / have bought)

8) She ?????? a great job and she is enjoying it a lot. (has found / found)

9) The teacher ?????? her master degree at Florida university last year. (has started / started)

10) My parents ?????? to England last year. (have traveled / traveled)

11) He ?????? for his girlfriend and I think its really nice. ( has cooked / cooked.




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