Advérbios de Tempo Exercícios

inglês advérbio de tempo exercícios

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✍ Exercícios


1) Relacione os advérbios de tempo que são sinônimos:

1️⃣ Long ago             ???? One day

2️⃣ Nowadays           ???? Once more

3️⃣ Someday             ???? In the past

4️⃣ After                     ???? Previously

5️⃣ Again                   ???? Currently

6️⃣ Already                ???? Then

7️⃣ Often                   ???? Even now

8️⃣ Still                      ???? Frequently


2) Complete as frases com o advérbio de tempo mais adequado:

a) I am wondering about the future.
b) she was at the store and she went to the library.
c) He goes to the supermarket in a week.
d) We have been developing this system almost five years, 2015.
e) I know I will become famous.
f) They haven’t called me back .



3) Organize as frases abaixo:

a) goes class her dance she weekly to
b) visits sunday her mother since 1990, every she
c) teaching has for 10 been ballet she years
d) in a she thinks country while about moving once to another
e) she to since a kid she dancer wanted was be a
f) pumpkin favorite cooked food at her times is all
g) month per goes she to downtown once
h) now and then she abroad travels



4) Encontre a melhor definição em inglês para as seguintes expressões do português:

(lately, usually, often, just, the day before yesterday, someday, once in a while, so far)

a) De vez em quando
b) Até agora
c) Quase sempre
d) Normalmente
e) Agora pouco
f) Ultimamente
g) Anteontem
h) Algum dia




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